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Investigation of Expotrans in Switzerland and Germany

With the development of exhibition logistics industry, the competition will become fiercer and fiercer. In order to keep a leading position, increase market share and improve service level, Expotrans has arranged a business trip to Switzerland and Germany for seeking more opportunities overseas. Through visiting the exhibition center in Geneva, Munich, Dusseldorf and Hanover, Expotrans learns more about the importance of Logistics information system.

Under the invitation of EXPO CARGO, BTG and DB SCHENKER, Mr. Bian Guorong, the general manager of Expotrans, led a delegation to visit Switzerland and Germany on March 12th. As planned, the delegation visited Geneva Auto Show, held meetings with EXPO CARGO, BTG, JOKER and DB SCHENKER, learned about on-site handling information system of DB SCHENKER in Munich, paid a visit to exhibition centers in Munich, Dusseldorf and Hanover, communicated with project team of DB SCHENKER which worked in exhibition center. On March 20th, the delegation fulfilled tasks and came back to Shanghai.


Visit Munich DB SCHENKER for further cooperation.

Investigate on-site handling information system of DB SCHENKER.

Visit Dusseldorf DB SCHENKER, learn about on-site handling information system of DB SCHENKER and investigate the situation of pavilion.

Visit bonded warehouse which is near exhibition center in Dusseldorf.

Investigate Boat show in Dusseldorf Exhibition Center.

Visit Exhibition Center in Hanover.

Visit on-site office of DB SCHENKER.

Learn distribution mode of on-site handling work.

Discuss improvement of on-site handling information system.


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